नसाको यौन कुण्ठाले मातेको युवाले गर्यो युवतीको हत्या (भिडियो सहित)

This movie contains the story of a cr!me gang who have k!*lled a girl just for an alcohol. A small gang of guys is in the short movie. They are lost in an @dd!ction of alcohol. The gang of this alcoholic guys goes for a hotel. They asks for an alcohol and some snacks. She gives as per the order. But later on, with an extreme level, she refuses to give any more alcohol for them. They makes an argument with her, as she keeps on refu$!ng with the things because of no pay.
These gang gets to much annoyed with her and thinks of teaching a lesson for her. So, they makes a plan for her. They wait for her in the road. An alone girl in the road, they just get a chance to de$troy her. These guys makes her terr!f!ed and terr^or. Finally, they murder her and runs away from the place.
But their crime and they could not run away too far. They get c@ught by the police with the help of the dem!$e girl’s sister. The Police takes a great action towards the mu*r^derer and also promises that they will try to give pun!$hment as big as their cr!me.
The moral of the movie is to demotivate these kind of cr!me and to aware the cr!me mind that no matter what they can not escape from the pun!$hment of their cr!me.
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